So, I don't really get too involved with the hotel process, my husband Mason is kind of obsessed with hotels so he spends hours scouring locations he wants to visit. He showed me this hotel and asked if I was down to stay there and I was like ~ya duh~. We booked our stay through, which we use to book every hotel we reserve, every 10th night you book you get a free night (averaged from the prior 10 nights). Also, we have a full week of free nights which we're planning to use in Europe.

Anyway, the W Punta de Mita was a pretty reasonable price for what the resort offered, for three nights at $366.33 per night and including tax it came in at $1,417.68. Our plane tickets were booked a few days in advance, but were still pretty cheap when it comes to flying. They were about $300.00 roundtrip per person, so including taxes and fees for 3 people it totaled out at $1,243.62. Altogether for flight and hotel ended up being $2,661.30, but we still have to allot for food, drinks, and transportation.


The airport we flew into was Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (Puerto Vallarta Airport). Ubers are not allowed to pick you up at the airport due to issues with the Taxi's lobbying the government that it's basically ~their turf~. I don't trust taxis though and I always use Uber when traveling throughout Mexico. In this case, my Uber had to park at the Pollo Feliz across the street from the airport and we had to walk across the passenger bridge, which was honestly a pain in the ass with a kid and luggage. We probably won't do that again because we did end up discovering that our hotel has private transportation that will pick you up and drop you off at the airport for about $88 dollars per trip. We ended up using their private transportation (brand new blacked out suburbans v Kardashian style) for our departure because the hotel is about 45 minutes away from the airport, so it's highly unlikely for an Uber to be in such a secluded area. Anyway, the Uber to the hotel was about $35.00 and then I tipped him $20.00 for gas, the hotel transportation was $88.00 and I tipped him $20.00 for his time. Transportation ended up totaling out at about $163.00 for the entire trip (we never went into town).


With The W being an American brand, I wasn't surprised that everything from the hotel was also American priced, but I was kind of bummed because I love going to Mexico especially when you're getting more for your dollar. In this case, it was like Las Vegas pricing, which we had allotted for, but you know, I was still hoping we could save in that department, BUT NO. We budgeted $1,500.00 for spending, and we ended up coming out at about $1,200.00 for the entire weekend. We ate at the hotel restaurants and bar for every meal. We bought a hotel of Don Julio 1942 from the airport so we could make our own drinks, but honestly we still ended up getting like 20 drinks from the bar lmao. We also rented a cabana on the beach, which was about $200.00 BUT it did include 6 drinks. Also in regards to miscellaneous spending, we obviously couldn't pack a large sunscreen bottle due to airport policy, but we also didn't want to go into town for sunscreen, so I bought sunscreen from the gift shop and it was like $30.00 for a regular ass sized bottle, but what can ya do, either get burnt or pay lmao.


Hotel: $1,417.68

Flight: $1,243.62

Transportation: $163.00

Food & Drink: $1,200.00

Sunscreen: $30.00

GRAND TOTAL: $4,054.30