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Camila at the Crayola art bus in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The TV or iPad is always the easiest way to keep your kids busy, but it's obviously not as mind or tactile stimulating. Of course, as parents, we want our children to experience as much mental stimulation as they can. I try to choose her activities and projects bearing that in mind and she's become so receptive in allowing her creativity and brain to flourish. Here is a list of 10 activities we truly enjoyed working on together and our thinking to expand with:

Sun Art Paper Kit - 15 Sheets 8x10 - $10.88 w/ Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

This was my personal favorite, like solely for my own enjoyment, I would even do this on my own time lol. Finding leaves and various stem and sticks around our home and office was so much fun for the both of us. We both were able to make our own unique pieces of art that we were proud of. I plan on framing a few of hers for her room because they even make for a great wall piece. If you buy one thing off of this list, make it this one!

Melissa & Doug Decorate Your Own Wooden Crafts Kits - Set of 3 - $14.99 w/ Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

Mila is super into hot wheels right now so when she saw this project she had to have it. She was able to customize her own car which is essentially her dream. Plus it ends up being a toy that they play with even after their done with the activity itself.

Made By Me Sand Art - $9.97 w/Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

To my surprise, this was not the disaster I expected it to be. I was able to teach Mila about patterns through the use of different colored sand. She made sure to apply her newly discovered knowledge to each bottle, proudly exclaiming, "check out this freaking awesome pattern I made mom!"

Melissa & Doug Design-Your-Own Bracelets - $4.99 w/ Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

Mila is a fashionista in her own way and she loves anything that gives her the ability to express her sense of fashion. She decorated each bracelet with the utmost detail, making sure everything was as excessive as possible and deemed herself a designer.

Melissa & Doug Make-a-Face Sticker Pad - $4.99 w/Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

These are large sheets with different sets of sticker sheets, providing for a never-ending amount of possibilities. I enjoyed the idea of her being as creative as she could, mixing and matching faces and thinking outside of the box. She giggled at the finish of every face, not to mention it helps with fine motor skills.

Melissa & Doug - Stained Glass (Unicorn) - $8.86 w/Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

Originally, I thought I was going to need to assist her with this piece, but she was able to match each piece to is respective placement through a somewhat similar to "paint by numbers" system. She was so proud of herself when she finished and was even more excited to hang this up on the slide glass door and watch the light peer through.

National Geographic - Grow Your Own Crystals - $39.99 w/ Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

Okay, so this takes a while obviously, but it's really cool. I would wake up genuinely excited to see the progress each crystal made throughout the night, Mila would too obviously. Plus this set comes with a really cool base that lights up which I would imagine any child would think is surely ~badass~. It's a great introduction into biology and may even spark a mini scientist in you and your kids.

National Geographic - Break Open Geodes - $24.99 w/ Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

I feel like this needs no explanation, it's just fucking cool and fun. You get to hit shit and you get to keep it as decor. Buy one for you and then buy one for your kid because tbh who wants to sure a geode.

Creativity for Kids - Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit - $12.99 w/ Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

Obviously you can go outside and get your own rocks and if you have your own paint thats tight too. I was forced into buying this set because of the sticker transfers it comes with. She loves this set so much, but she loves giving the rocks away as gifts even more. I've bought this activity a few times for the grandparents so so that they can their own creations when they spend time together.

Melissa & Doug - Wooden Bead Kit - $12.29 w/ Prime (LINKED IN PHOTO)

I like that she is able to learn that with patience and attention to detail, she can create her own jewelry. The bead to string application is great for fine motor skills and practicing patterns. Not to mention the quality of the beads themselves ensures this isn't just a product that will get thrown away.

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