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Monterrey, Nuevo Leon is not so much a tourist destination as it is an industrial hub, it's main focus being a base to a plethora of significant international corporations. I've read that it is considered to be one of Mexico's most "americanized" cities, as well as one of it's wealthiest. This become very apparent as we made our way to the hotel (Habita MTY) and entered the center of the city.

Front of Habita MTY

Interior of Lobby (Habita MTY)

Hallway to our room (Habita MTY)

Bedroom Interior (Habita MTY)

Greeted w/ Welcome Note & Fruit Bowl (Habita MTY)

Of course the first thing Camila wanted to do when we got there was go swimming, and the pool view definitely did not disappoint!

Sunset Swimming @ Habita MTY

Green enchiladas and chilaquiles from the Hotel restaurant, which were honestly some of the best enchiladas I've had and I'm a "try all enchiladas type of girl". We also went, I forget the exact name of the drink (which is from Vasconselos and located in the same terrace our hotel was) but it was made from fresh cherries and fresh peaches and I've never had anything like it, it was amazing tbh.

Usually on the first day of any trip we like to just hang out at the hotel, traveling can be so exhausting at times, so on the second day we figured we'd get out and explore what Monterrey had to offer. We ended up making our way down to Parque Fundidora, a HUGE park, with tons of activities, a few museums, and even a kids library that was pretty unexpected.

Niños Conarte Kids Museum & Library (Parque Fundidora)

Industrial Steel Museum (Parque Fundidora)

Pit stop for food from the Industrial Steel Museum (Parque Fundidora)

Crayola Art Truck (Parque Fundidora) - Free and kept her entertained for quite some time!

Santa Lucia Riverwalk which can be accessed through Parque Fundidora.

The riverwalk boat ride costs about 70 pesos per person and was a roundtrip ticket. It ended up being super convenient for us because it takes you down about a mile and drops you off at the art museum that I had already wanted to go to!

This museum was really well done, lots of air conditioned rooms and even had several mayan artifacts similar to the ones found at the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City. I really enjoyed my time here and was more than happy to be immersed in my own history.

Governors Palace

After the art museum we made a short walk to the Governor's Palace. It was pretty hot out and not very well ventilated in the interior portions so we kind of zoomed thru this one but I had to stop and take a picture in front of the arches.

On our third day we went to Barrio Antiguo, walked around, and tried to eat as much as we could. I absolutely loved this neighborhood and I would love to go back and explore some more. First we stopped at a mercado that had several restaurants and little cafes, cafeteria style, where we ate custom order chilaquiles.

Catrinas Chilequiles - Custom order, green chilaquiles con chorizo y papas, queso cotija and black beans.

Next we made our way down the street to a three story building that had different restaurants on each floor. The one that we ended up eating at was called Me Muero de Hambre. We told ourselves we were just gonna have a few drinks, after stuffing our faces with chilaquiles, except we couldn't help but order a grilled nopal covered in al pastor and beans!

Me Muero de Hambre - Mango Chamoy Margarita

Me Muero de Hambre - Nopal de Al Pastor y Frijoles

Mill really loved this blue plate so I wanted to include this.

Our last stop in Barrio Antiguo was a bar named Almacen 42 that had craft beer from Monterrey and other craft breweries around Mexico. I don't drink beer because I don't like it so I got a Mexican Coca Cola.

After that we looked at the map and realized we were right near the macroplaza so we took an uber and stopped to sight see.

Fuente de la Vida - Macroplaza

Catedral de Monterrey - Macroplaza

Our last leg of the day brought us to an uphill hike to El Mirador del Obispado and El Mirador Asta Bandera that had some of the best views of the city!

After a long day of sight seeing we wanted to spend the rest of our trip hanging out at the hotel/Vasconcelos because I had to have more of those drinks!

Habita MTY

Vasconcelos - Arroz Mexicana, papa del horno con puree de jalapeño y tocino (BEST THING EVER), y pastel de chocolate (SECOND BEST THING EVER)

Habita MTY

Okay well if you've made it this far I hope you've enjoyed another family trip! Sending lots of love from our family to yours!