Monterrey, Nuevo Leon is not so much a tourist destination as it is an industrial hub, it's main focus being a base to a plethora of significant international corporations. I've read that it is considered to be one of Mexico's most "americanized" cities, as well as one of it's wealthiest. This become very apparent as we made our way to the hotel (Habita MTY) and entered the center of the city.

Front of Habita MTY

Interior of Lobby (Habita MTY)

Hallway to our room (Habita MTY)

Bedroom Interior (Habita MTY)

Greeted w/ Welcome Note & Fruit Bowl (Habita MTY)

Of course the first thing Camila wanted to do when we got there was go swimming, and the pool view definitely did not disappoint!

Sunset Swimming @ Habita MTY

Green enchiladas and chilaquiles from the Hotel restaurant, which were honestly some of the best enchiladas I've had and I'm a "try all enchiladas type of girl". We also went, I forget the exact name of the drink (which is from Vasconselos and located in the same terrace our hotel was) but it was made from fresh cherries and fresh peaches and I've never had anything like it, it was amazing tbh.

Usually on the first day of any trip we like to just hang out at the hotel, traveling can be so exhausting at times, so on the second day we figured we'd get out and explore what Monterrey had to offer. We ended up making our way down to Parque Fundidora, a HUGE park, with tons of activities, a few museums, and even a kids library that was pretty unexpected.