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Okay, so like every single one of our other trips, we planned this trip at the last minute. And by last minute I mean, we booked our flight and hotels two days before we thought we would be able to go. It's not that I prefer to live so spontaneously, it's mostly that we never know when the best time to leave is going to be, due to our business. For this vacation we wanted to stay in two hotels with two completely opposing aesthetics so we could compare once we departed. ANYWAY, in this post I'm gonna focus primarily on the hotels, otherwise you'd be scrolling for an hour. Enjoy!


Our first one was called Hotel Downtown Mexico and it had more of an authentic/historic feel. We upgraded our room to the suite and I was truly in love with it. I guess I would describe it best as an old world Mexico meets modern Mexico type of vibe. As we checked in to the hotel we were greeted with complementary shots of tequila paired with lime AND tajin, which I was like 'hell ya' over. The property itself was in a historic building with several shops, a bakery, and a few restaurants, which made it very easy and accessible to grab a bite or a concha in a snap. There was also a hotel owned restaurant on the upper level, where the pool was, which had great drinks and good food. The only 'con' to this hotel (for me) was at night, the bed wasn't very comfortable and I could feel the hotel shake which I'm not sure if it was due to the traffic (which I doubt, but I like to leave margin for error), the age of the building, or the earthquake which hit a few weeks after our departure. Oh, actually you know what, I have a second minor gripe, there was no electrical outlet anywhere near the mirror in the bathroom so I couldn't do my hair, but honestly I probably wouldn't have done it either way, but just throwing it out there for those that care about hair.

Front terrace area to the suite, and just underneath that foliage was a restaurant on the bottom level.

Interior to the suite and view from our suite balcony.

Hotel Room Literature

Food/drinks from the hotel restaurant and hotel grounds bakery/restaurants.

Hotel Grounds


Moving on to the SECOND hotel, the St. Regis Mexico City, synonymous with luxury and impeccable service, this hotel did not disappoint. The bellman wore tophats as they guided us to check-in desk where glasses of champagne and a candy bar awaited. Our hotel room style was very Las Vegas-esque, there was even a tv in the bathroom mirror which I've really only ever encountered in Vegas and am still not entirely sure who stands in the bathroom to watch TV long enough to put one in the mirror, but I mean, I guess ~luxury~. There were a few hotel restaurants here as well, but we seemed to frequent the King Cole bar, probably because they bring you those lil spicy hot peanuts and pretzels as a snack. I love a good spicy hot peanut. The bed was comfortable, shower was great, and the spa was amazing, especially the view! Also, I have to note how attentive the staff is/was. They learned my daughters name just in passing, and presented her with a teddy bear and a postcard written to her, which was such a pleasant surprise. A+ for that!

Check-In At The St. Regis

Hotel Room Interior

Indoor Jacuzzi and Pool (located in spa)

In Room Dining

King Cole Bar



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