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As June comes to an end, I'm sure most of us are feeling like 2018 is flying by, and I couldn't agree more. It felt like January was just last month and I still haven't met all the goals I wanted to this year, but I have made progress and I want to add more to this list!


I am the type of person who either lives completely haphazard in chaos, or I am super meticulous and require everything to be in straight lines and nothing out of place. Currently my house is a haphazard disaster with several reno projects going on where I can't seem to think, but my office is my place of serenity where my desk looks like a permanent flat lay and I can actually process my thoughts. I also want to rid myself of the excess amount of clothing that drowns my household, it's unnecessary and honestly I hate doing laundry more than anything.


I have a SUPER bad habit of procrastinating and honestly I am tired of living like that. I want to be on top of my businesses, I want to work on finances every day and use financial planning to my benefit. I want to make more investments and I want to face my tasks head on when they are received instead of hoping maybe they'll go away lol.


Now this isn't to say that I'm a horrible mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend because I know I'm not, but I do have very high expectations of myself. I have always strived to be great at everything I do, I don't need to be "the best" per se, but I do need to be my best. There are times where I feel like I could put more effort into a friendship, or I know I can plan Mila's week to be more productive or conducive to her future and these are the things I'm pushing myself to be consistent with.


This one seems like it would be super simple, but I have a really hard time being regular with it. For the past couple of weeks, I've been taking notes in a small spiral notebook and I realized I love having the access to earlier thoughts or conversations I've had with those I work or come into contact with. It also has come in handy when my husband or my father have asked me to do things a certain way and then claim they didn't tell me and I open my little notebook and say, "WELL ACTUALLY ON PAGE 10 OF MY NOTEBOOK IT SAYS HERE THAT...". What's also important to me is that, I physically write things down on something tangible, I tried the whole writing notes in my phone thing and couldn't stick with it because it's just not the way my brain works. Always assess what type of learner you are, and let others knows because it tends to help everyone out.


I've been trying to reduce plastic waste, using glassware more frequently, removing the use of plastic storage and bags, and purchasing canvas totes to use at the store. Even making eco-conscious decisions to try not to shop fast fashion and spend my money on either quality or second hand items is something I'm working to make a lifestyle. Lastly, focusing a bit more on what chemicals are being consumed in my household, regarding cleaning and eating are something I want to reflect on.

I hope you all can take something positive away from this post, whether it be being more productive, or even giving you the motivation to make a better choice! And let me know what goals you've set for yourself this year and if you feel like you need to re-visit them like I did!

- Love y'all and happy half year!



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